Popular menopause remedies promoted on Amazon and Google have very low (or dangerously high) levels of the key ingredien

17 Nov 2023

The Daily Mail published an article on Tuesday 14th November, exposing quality issues in black cohosh products (popular for helping with menopausal symptoms) being sold as food supplements via online sellers such as Amazon:


Not surprisingly, given previous research carried out by the British Herbal Medicine Association, a number of over-the-counter black cohosh products did not meet their label specifications. This means that the products potentially may not work or could even cause side-effects or serious adverse reactions.

The EHTPA highly recommends that members of the public obtain their herbal medicines from a qualified medical herbalist, who will know which herbs are effective and safe for individuals to take. Herbal medicine obtained from medical herbalists are prepared to specific standards to ensure quality and safety. For more information on how to find a qualified medical herbalist and to see what it being done to promote quality and safety in herbal medicines, please see: